Customary Marriage Divorce

customary marriage divorce
What can i do with this problem? my parents dont allow me to have female friends. (i am a male).?

my parents are asian and they are very conservative ones. they dont want me to have female friends, but male. because they believe that simple friendship cannot exist between a boy and a girl. plus they wont allow me to give my cell # to any girl but would allow it for boys. plus my dad especially get sooo mad if he ever sees me talking or hugging my female friends. infact they completely wants me to grow up without having any type of female interference in my life, even though its only for simple friendship. no my parents dont want me to grow up as gay, but they think having female friend will ruin my life. and i should only get a female in my life is when i get married. my parents marriage was an arranged marriage. Back in those days in Asia, it was customary to have arranged marriage. and my parents believe that love marriage creates disuinity eventually divorce. I strongly disagree with them.please help me out. thanks a lot.

Have a serious chat with them. These are extremely strict and narrow minded views that belong in the dark age. I’m not going after where you/your parents are from, religion, culture or anything like that but this is rather weird. Your parents have it the wrong way round. Arranged marriages are founded on circumstances that defeats the purpose of marriage. Marriage is when two persons love each other so much they wish to make a formal commitment to one another.

You should actively be trying to engage with females especially at your age. It’s natural. If your parents want you to have no contact with females they have very narrow minded views and appear to want to run your life for you. I’m all for respecting parents but there is a boundary. LIVE LIFE!!! Tell your parents you appeciate their opinions but times have changed.

Bit sickened by what I’ve read.

Good luck anyway.