Considering Divorce Or Separation Marriage

considering divorce or separation marriage
For those who are married: do you see divorce in your horizon? If so, why?

Is your marriage in trouble? What are the reasons you may be considering a divorce or separation? How does it make you feel?

I was “happily” married for 21 years.
Did I in that time ever consider divorce- No.
So I divorced because my ex decided he should and would have an independant life excluding our 2 daughters and me.
Did I ever want this to happen- No.
It made me feel like I was no one.
It made me feel that the bottom had dropped out of my world.
However after 7 years, yes a long time. My self esteem returned.
So the pointless attacks I am receiving on here matter not a jot to me.
I have suffered with my girls the like of which I would not wish ever upon anyone else.