Cohabitation Before Marriage Divorce Rate

cohabitation before marriage divorce rate
Why does cohabitation result in higher divorce rates?

You would think it would be the opposite. I’ve heard that statistics show that those couples that live together before they get married have higher divorce rates. Why is this? It makes more sense to me that living together would be a “test-drive” to make sure marriage will work.
I’ll try to find something.. heard it in a sociology course.

You think it would be like a “test-drive”, but it’s not. Cohabitation is not the same as marriage, but people who think that it is the same are often (unpleasantly) surprised to discover it’s different. For example: a couple lives together, and he goes out with his friends 4-5 nights a week. She doesn’t really like it, but tolerates it, since she doesn’t want to be a nag or cause problems in the relationship. Then they get married. He still thinks going out that often with his friends is fine, since it was before, she thinks that now that they’re married he’ll be home with her in the evenings. So they fight.

Also, couples who cohabit may share expenses, he pays one bill, she pays another, but retain separate accounts. Many married couples keep accounts separate as well, but money communication has to happen. Maybe she likes to shop and buy clothes or shoes. Living together, he doesn’t really care, since it’s “her” money she’s spending. Once they’re married he may not like it because now it’s “their” money. Money problems are the biggest cause of divorce.

That’s just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.