Cinderella Movie

cinderella movie
What version of Cinderella movie is this?

I’m looking for a version of Cinderella that I watched as a kid that is very similar to the Grimm’s version of the story. It has a tree that gives dresses to cinderella. The only line from the movie that I can remember is spoken by a bird that sings “There’s blood on the shoe!” when one of the stepsisters tries to fit into the slipper. Does anyone know what the name of the movie is, or have any information that will help me find it?

Ashputtle is the name of the Grimms’ version of Cinderella that you are describing; I am assuming that would be the name of the movie as well.

There is something like 2,000 different versions of the fairy tale we know today as Cinderella, dating all the way back to ancient China– where the “fairy god-mother” figure was a fish.