Christian Marriage And Divorce

christian marriage and divorce
Is the spouse commiting adultery the only reason a divorce is acceptable in a Christian marriage? What if they

are being abused? How does one continue in an abusive marriage if they are a true Christian? What if they are neglected and their relationship lacks true feelings of love and they are only together for the kids, once kids are grown would divorce be acceptable or is it a totally unaccepted sin in the eyes of The Lord?

this is a question many people ask. I think the main thing is to know if the ‘abusing’ spouse has any good will.. if not, i do not believe that God would want a wife to stay when her own physical, or mental health, is in danger…. I also think that if the wife is feeling that it is a danger to the kids’ well being, whether physical or emotional… that it is good reason to leave. God knows the heart of each person… and it is between them and God, not for any ‘group’ or person to judge.