Children And Divorce Statistics

children and divorce statistics
Will Homosexual Marraige Benefit Society?

What are the statistics of Homosexual couples being together 25 years plus? Also is thier research done on Canada and Sweeden where Homosexual Marraige is legal, has it benefited the institution of *Marraige* are thier less divorces? children being born out of weldock?

Do Homosexuals think Society will accept them more if they are to legally marry?

If homosexuals do plan on adopting Children or hiring a surrogate do they believe that child has a right to know thier biological mother or father if they choose to?

Also will Homosexuals want to do away with the term husband and wife which has to do with female/male?

Homosexual marriage will *not* benifit society. On the contrary, it will do a LOT of harm. The link below explains it a lot better than I ever could.