Cheap Divorce Lawyer

cheap divorce lawyer
How do I get a cheap divorce without using a divorce attorney?

I know that divorce for men is not easy. My partner and I are done, so how do I leave my ex without spending all my money on a divorce lawyer? Is there a way to get a free divorce? Any divorce advice that will help me win my divorce is greatly appreciated.

Hey Greg,

I have been divorced once already and am going through my second divorce, this time without a divorce attorney. A cheap divorce for men is tough, and knowing how to get a divorce without breaking the bank is even tougher. I just came across and there is some great advice for men and women planning a divorce here. This site is filled with divorce tactics and strategies that will allow you to learn how to move on, and keep the divorce attorneys from stealing everything you and your ex have accumulated. I love my kids and get along with my ex, but not enough to go bankrupt in the process. Hope this helps you figure out how to get a divorce!