Divorce Attorneys

divorce attorneys
Any good divorce attorneys that can handle military situations? Money is tight!!?

High Point, NC
We live two hours from a base. I don’t think military attorneys will help unless you can travel to their office quite a bit.

I would talk to a military chaplain. It is amazing what he can help you do, or get done!

Divorce Law

divorce law
What are the reasons for an increase in divorce rates apart from the changes in divorce law?

Sociology homework.

we are a people of instant everything. So we expect instant happiness and instant problem fixes etc. Divorce has become acceptable (it used to be more respectable to stay married). Women have a way out…they can work and support themselves. Alot of women stayed married becasue they had no choice. And the entertainment industry almost encourages it. Whatever you fill your mind with you begin thinking is ok.
Other reasons:
The number one reason is money. They say money makes the world go around. But they also say it is the root of all evil.
The other top reasons for divorce:
Poor communication
Change in priorities. This can be caused by having kids or due to ones job, big things.
Lack of commitment to the marriage.
Sexual problems.
Other reasons that come up frequently, but not as frequently are:
Failed expectations of your spouse (believing one is a super hero or that he/she can fix or be everything to or for you)
Physical, emotional or sexual abuse.