Customary Marriage Divorce

customary marriage divorce
What can i do with this problem? my parents dont allow me to have female friends. (i am a male).?

my parents are asian and they are very conservative ones. they dont want me to have female friends, but male. because they believe that simple friendship cannot exist between a boy and a girl. plus they wont allow me to give my cell # to any girl but would allow it for boys. plus my dad especially get sooo mad if he ever sees me talking or hugging my female friends. infact they completely wants me to grow up without having any type of female interference in my life, even though its only for simple friendship. no my parents dont want me to grow up as gay, but they think having female friend will ruin my life. and i should only get a female in my life is when i get married. my parents marriage was an arranged marriage. Back in those days in Asia, it was customary to have arranged marriage. and my parents believe that love marriage creates disuinity eventually divorce. I strongly disagree with them.please help me out. thanks a lot.

Have a serious chat with them. These are extremely strict and narrow minded views that belong in the dark age. I’m not going after where you/your parents are from, religion, culture or anything like that but this is rather weird. Your parents have it the wrong way round. Arranged marriages are founded on circumstances that defeats the purpose of marriage. Marriage is when two persons love each other so much they wish to make a formal commitment to one another.

You should actively be trying to engage with females especially at your age. It’s natural. If your parents want you to have no contact with females they have very narrow minded views and appear to want to run your life for you. I’m all for respecting parents but there is a boundary. LIVE LIFE!!! Tell your parents you appeciate their opinions but times have changed.

Bit sickened by what I’ve read.

Good luck anyway.

Legal Separation Vs Divorce

legal separation vs divorce
hand-written agreements between wife and I vs. legal separation?

wife and i are getting a divorce. she is looking at apartments, which is fine with me, but I don’t want to any legal obligation with the apartment. I understand that if we file legal separation, then I won’t have any problems, but that takes more time than we have. If we write out an agreement between the two of us that relieves me of any and all obligations and financial responsibility for her new apartment, will it hold up in court (meaning if she defaults in her rent and they try to come after me, but I present the contract, can they still hold me responsible)?

If you have it notarized it should hold up in court. Also you can place an ad in the local paper stating that on a certain date forward you are no longer responsible for any of her debts. Just make sure you are not on the contract for the apartment in any way. Good Luck

Same Sex Marriage Divorce

same sex marriage divorce
Why do people use the bible to justify why same-sex marriage should be illegal?

And why does it work?

For one we have a seperation of Church and State, or so i thought. You can’t impose your beliefs or “Family Values” onto a society if you are in government. And if people who use the bible really cared about protecting the “sanctity of marriage” then shouldn’t they focus their efforts on outlawing divorce?

The biggest reason is not religious. The gov’t doesn’t want same sex marriage legal because it
will cut tax funds and cost more in employee benefits. That’s why the feds recognize civil unions
except when it comes to monetary reasons. No qualifying for family in taxes or insurance.

Divorce Legal Advice

divorce legal advice
Need legal advice on divorce?

one of my friend’s husband have applied for divorce. They are not good and because the girls family not giving more money they have applied for divorce. But, girls family don’t want divorce. so when they got the letter from boy’s family lawyer they have not accepted and rejected that letter. I want to know how to handle the situation. we need justice and don’t want divorce. it’s been three years after marriage.
The parents are giving problem. They are forcing him to take divorce. They don’t have culture. I want to know whether legally we are in strong position. because first they gave notice for divorce. They would have given wrong information about the girls family.

Why is her family giving money?? They couple needs to live independent w/o their families interfering.

Divorce Years Of Marriage

divorce years of marriage
I just got a divorce after a 22 year marriage where do I start over?


I am sory to hear this:(
Well don’t mope around and tell all the ladies you meet about how bad she has done you. you don’t want to dwell on the negative.
You are in very high demand( as a single, responsible guy)
You can’t go back and undo this divorce, so tell yourself, convince yourself, that the best is yet to come.
Keep a positive upbeat attitude, that will attract the ladies.
It’s very hurtful, you feel she used you to do for her–house remodeling etc. but you must let the hurt go, or it will eat away at you! And make it a point in your next relationship to not ‘hold back’ on your love, and favors you do for her, just because someone else did that to you!
You have a chance for a new beginning , which I’ll bet a lotta guys would like to be in your shoes— lol.:)

GOOD LUCK hope this helps

What Is Divorce

what is divorce
What Is The Easiest Way to Divorce With foreign spouse Who is Already Moved out of country?

Hi, After 6 months short of marriage, weekends Decided to divorce. We married goal in America now I am living in USA and my spouse is living in Europe. We Both Agreed to divorce and looking for The Easiest way to file divorce. Is anyone Know What wil Be The Best Way? We do not Have Children nor property nor debt. Thank you very much

WHICH waste time or she Will get a GREEN CARD and laugh in your face! do not let her back in the Country!

Divorce The Bible

divorce the bible
What does the Bible say about Divorce?

in the bible i don’t understand somethings but what quote basicly says that they shall not commit adultery against eachother?

“Any man who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery and forces her to commit adultery.”

“What God has joined, let no man divide.”

See Matthew 5 or Mark 10. The view is that a man can not get divorced. Should there be an issue of adultery, they may chose to live apart, but still may not divorce, but as it said “What God has joined, let no man divide.”

Saving Your Marriage Divorce

saving your marriage divorce
Saving it until marriage.. but then divorce?

You know how you’re supposed to save your virginity until marriage? Well… what happens when you get divored? You have to save it all over again ??

How can you save what you no longer have? Ideally, you wouldn’t worry about this because you’d stay married to the same person for the rest of your lives. If you get divorced, you don’t get your virginity back, but that doesn’t mean you should be promiscuous and have a lot of “casual” sex. You should still be thinking in the same terms as before you got married, that being sexually intimate with someone is still a very special thing and should be reserved for that special someone.

Advice Divorce

advice divorce
I need advice on how to explain divorce to children?

I recently caught by her husband flirting with my lover lesbian, with whom I was having a secret affair for years. How can I explain to my kids that mom and dad are divorcing because I can not keep dad in his pants?

Do not lie with them. Just tell them that daddy was sick of you and wanted action not to live with their families.

Divorce In First Year Of Marriage

divorce in first year of marriage
after how many years we can apply for a divorce ??? can it be within the first year itself ?

my friend is getting married to a person who does not care for her , he troubles her, beat her and also threngts her… how they are going to get married because of their parents , so can she apply for divorce in the frist year of marriage???

Your question confuses me because it’s wrote so poorly. But in Alberta, Canada you have to wait a year before a divorce can become final. You can APPLY for the divorce at any time, but it doesn’t go through the courts until a year after seperation. Exceptions to this are infidelity or extreme emotional/physical abuse.