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Marriage and Divorce

Divorce Process

divorce process
Quel est le processus de divorce après avoir été séparé légalement pour une meilleure décennie?

Et son mari est encore en difficulté, que vous y perdrez sur les prestations de SS, si votre divorce? Ce mariage et la séparation a eu lieu en Californie et je suis maintenant dans l'Oregon. Est-ce que longueur de temps séparant la fin de son tour dans une sorte de traiter le joint en caoutchouc qui peut être fait à partir d'ici sans avocat? Est-ce que quelqu'un sait le processus ou de la ligne Je peux aller pour obtenir les informations dont vous avez besoin? Merci beaucoup à tous vraiment!

N ° A ce stade, vous aurez besoin d'un avocat, et je déteste vraiment à recommander stuff. Chaque Etat est différent par rapport à l'exercice de la SS et de la séparation … le degré d'indépendance est indépendant, et si elle se qualifie.

Divorce Prices

divorce prices
¿Alguien conoce un buen abogado de divorcio en Augusta Georgia?

¿Necesita un abogado de divorcio a un precio razonable y bueno en Augusta, Georgia. ¿Alguna sugerencia?

Marriage And Divorce Statistics 2009

Divorce Attorneys

divorce attorneys
Any good divorce attorneys that can handle military situations? Money is tight!!?

High Point, NC
We live two hours from a base. I don’t think military attorneys will help unless you can travel to their office quite a bit.

I would talk to a military chaplain. It is amazing what he can help you do, or get done!

Divorce Law

divorce law
What are the reasons for an increase in divorce rates apart from the changes in divorce law?

Sociology homework.

we are a people of instant everything. So we expect instant happiness and instant problem fixes etc. Divorce has become acceptable (it used to be more respectable to stay married). Women have a way out…they can work and support themselves. Alot of women stayed married becasue they had no choice. And the entertainment industry almost encourages it. Whatever you fill your mind with you begin thinking is ok.
Other reasons:
The number one reason is money. They say money makes the world go around. But they also say it is the root of all evil.
The other top reasons for divorce:
Poor communication
Change in priorities. This can be caused by having kids or due to ones job, big things.
Lack of commitment to the marriage.
Sexual problems.
Other reasons that come up frequently, but not as frequently are:
Failed expectations of your spouse (believing one is a super hero or that he/she can fix or be everything to or for you)
Physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

Free Divorce Marriage Records

free divorce marriage records
Im Looking to search California Public Records. Marriage,Divorce and ETC. Where can i find this info for free

Ive tried a few but ends up costing to see…Im looking for the free hand out..!! Thanks

Birth and Death records are on-line thru You can get it for free at a Family History Center or some public libraries. Marriage and Divorce records are not available on line, as far as I can tell. You may have to go to the county court house.

You can get free Soc Security Death Index on

No Sex Marriage Divorce

no sex marriage divorce
If someone doesn’t support same sex marriage, why would they refuse to support same sex divorce?

“Some Rhode Island lawmakers are pushing to legalize gay divorce. But Gov. Don Carcieri, a Republican who opposes gay marriage, is against the idea. So are church leaders in the heavily Roman Catholic state.”

Wouldn’t it be in their interest to allow same sex divorce? Wouldn’t they consider FEWER same sex marriages to be “a good thing”? I’m entirely confused. All I can figure is that by granting same sex divorce, they’re implicitly conceding that the marriages have been legitimate… and they’re unwilling to do so.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Also, I am a supporter of same sex marriage. This question should in no way imply that I oppose the opportunity for same sex couples to marry and divorce.

By accepting same sex divorces, they probably think they are condoning the marriage as well. or at least recognizing its legality and validity.

Long Term Marriage Divorce

long term marriage divorce
What to look for in Post Divorce Dating?

What to look for after a long term marriage ends in divorce and you’re a 45 year old man ready to date again? Go for the younger women (25-35) who have likely never been married or divorced after a short marriage with no kids? Or look for a woman around the same age who was likely in the same situation (long term marriage divorcee who may have kids)?

A little younger is ok, but you don’t want to date someone who isn’t as mature as you or in the same place. Rebounds happen but don’t expect anything more than that. If I were you, id date 38-40+ and go for women who have grown or teenage children and have been single for more than a year. I say more than a year because if your really ready to date then YOU don’t wanna be their rebound. And if you date someone with kids, they’ll understand if you have kids… Most importantly, take things slow. There’s no rush! Your in the prime of your life so enjoy all the time you have to yourself and have fun dating… it might not be like that forever.

Free Marriage And Divorce Records

I am doing a family tree and I was wondering if divorce/marriage records are available for free?

what information would i be able to find before i put in any money for background records or anything like that.

It depends on which country or state you are looking in.
Texas, for instance, has birth, death, marriage and divorce indexes online for a certain timeframe.
I saw that California also has a lot of records, even found my birth record on the index.
The best place to find where the record is located is which you have to pay for but to me it’s worth it as it usually has what I need.
The next place would be to find the individual county, state or country website on Some of these sites have had volunteers submit transcribed information. is another place. They have a Record Search Pilot test going on right now where they are loading census, birth, death records, and includes scans of the original documents. You can search from the main page or go to for the pilot.
Don’t forget each individual state government website or state library. There is a gold mine of information on these sites and some have scans of the original documents. is the national records administration site and you can search using NAIL database search. For scans of Indian registration cards, military records, etc.
The Bureau of Land Management site also has scans of land records which tells when they bought it and where it’s located. This is great because you can put in the location of the land and find neighbor’s names, which sometimes is other family members. It also states if it was a land grant or if they bought it.

Social Security Application from under FOIA is great to find parents names. Get their ss number first if you can from ancestry or familysearch.
Death Records: sometimes can find parents names and places of birth, plus where buried and cause of death.
Marriage: Can find spouses’s name, date, place of marriage (watch out because they might use a previous married name instead of maiden name)
Divorce: Same as marriage
Military Penson Applications: Revolutionary war is great as they write where they were born, when, where they lived, who’s their wife, what battles they were in, etc. Civil War application was a questionaire but I’ve also found great information there. WWI and WWII Draft and Registration records has their height, eye and hair color, where they live and work and family
Census records: excellent to find family members. If you can’t find your person for a census year, track a family member and see where they went. In addition whole communities sometimes moved so I also look for where the neighbors came or went to and see if my people are still with them in that other location.

Customary Marriage Divorce

customary marriage divorce
What can i do with this problem? my parents dont allow me to have female friends. (i am a male).?

my parents are asian and they are very conservative ones. they dont want me to have female friends, but male. because they believe that simple friendship cannot exist between a boy and a girl. plus they wont allow me to give my cell # to any girl but would allow it for boys. plus my dad especially get sooo mad if he ever sees me talking or hugging my female friends. infact they completely wants me to grow up without having any type of female interference in my life, even though its only for simple friendship. no my parents dont want me to grow up as gay, but they think having female friend will ruin my life. and i should only get a female in my life is when i get married. my parents marriage was an arranged marriage. Back in those days in Asia, it was customary to have arranged marriage. and my parents believe that love marriage creates disuinity eventually divorce. I strongly disagree with them.please help me out. thanks a lot.

Have a serious chat with them. These are extremely strict and narrow minded views that belong in the dark age. I’m not going after where you/your parents are from, religion, culture or anything like that but this is rather weird. Your parents have it the wrong way round. Arranged marriages are founded on circumstances that defeats the purpose of marriage. Marriage is when two persons love each other so much they wish to make a formal commitment to one another.

You should actively be trying to engage with females especially at your age. It’s natural. If your parents want you to have no contact with females they have very narrow minded views and appear to want to run your life for you. I’m all for respecting parents but there is a boundary. LIVE LIFE!!! Tell your parents you appeciate their opinions but times have changed.

Bit sickened by what I’ve read.

Good luck anyway.

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