Cast Of Beauty And The Beast

cast of beauty and the beast
What Are The Theme Songs To These Movies And Who Are They Sung By?

101 Dalmatians, Armageddon, Backdraft, Beauty & The Beast, Cast Away, Cinderella, Catch me if you can, Frequency, Ghost, A leauge of their own, Lion King, Lady and the tramp, Little mermaid, Pocahontas, Pearl Harbor, The Patriot, Pretty Woman, Sleeping Beauty, Sleepless in seattle, Speed 1, Top Gun, Titanic, When Harry met sally,The Wedding Singer

I don’t know the artists, but here are some theme songs,
101 Dalmatians – Cruella Devil, or Dalmatian Plantation
Beauty and The Beast- Tale as Old As TIme
Cinderella- A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Lion King- The Circle of Life
Little Mermaid- Under The Sea, or the one where she is singing about wanting to be where the people are
Sleeping Beauty- that song she sings in the woods where she meets Phillip.

Sorry I dont know more!