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Question about Beauty and The Beast Diamond Edition DVD?

Okay, so I really want to buy Beauty and The Beast on DVD but I noticed that the diamond edition that came out a week or two ago is a dvd/blu-ray combo pack. I don’t have a blu-ray player but I can’t find the movie on dvd without the blu-ray and I love this movie and have really wanted to watch it a lot recently. Are there any special features on the DVD or are they all on the blu-ray discs? Like is it worth it to spend the money on the combo pack or no? Thanks in advance! =]

A two-disk DVD version of the same Diamond Edition is going to be released on November 23 2010. If you get the Blu-ray/DVD Combo then you’d wouldn’t be able to access some special features that are only in the Blu-ray disks. So if you can wait, save your money to buy it then.