Broadway Play Beauty And The Beast

broadway play beauty and the beast
I need help with Auditioning songs?

I am soon auditioning for the play beauty and the beast.
We get to choose our own songs and I’m wondering what I should choose. I am aiming for belle or lumiere (played by a girl in this production). I have seniority at the theatre because I have done many shows there, but still I tend to get smaller parts.
I want to find a song that will blow the diredtor’s socs off!
I have a pretty high voice, maybe mezzo-soprano. I would like to show them the sweet, but belting side of me.
A Broadway or glee or pop song
Thanks so much
I was thinking about ‘something good’ (sound of music)

You should pick a glee song. Or pick a christina augerlia song! That will make director’s mouth opened. Cuz christina augerlia songs has a huge vocal range and her vocal range is a mezzo soprano. PIck the song Mercy on me by Christina Augerlia or Ain’t no other man by Christina augerlia or Beautiful by Christina Augerlia.