Body Health And Fitness

body health and fitness
Anyone obsessed with health and nutrition?

I'm obsessed with health and fitness dammit. Its crazy. I used to be devoted to fitness and nutrition, and spent countless hours researching how to stay perfect form, review and revise my plans for the training and diet, etc. Then one day I said f * ck the health of me and get everything together. He took a moment to stop smoking completely obsessed with my body and health, but eventually completely forgotten. And next year I was very relieved. I finally felt like I was alive. But then, after six months of my smoking, fry the skin in the sun, and get overweight, my body image, finally began to bother me so again. So here I am obsessed with how to be a perfectionist having a body first class. I hate fucking. Haha, I wondered if this was just one problem I had, or are there others out there like me. Because I might forget the look completely and live my life.

Well, I'm not at the point where they are, but I'm somewhere in the stadium itself. I'm on Yahoo Answers all the time trying to learn as much as you can about fitness and love, I check my exercise program (which is stupid because I saw many of the results with my old program), but I can not stop. I feel like I need to know anything and everything to make decisions on the loss of perfect health / weight / fitness. I'm not even fat, or even close! I'm pretty good, I just want your body my lol. I also hate the man. I'm glad to be healthy and care about all this, but sometimes I take things too far.