Belle In Beauty And The Beast

belle in beauty and the beast
How do I audition for Beauty and the Beast? I really want the part.?

I want the part of Belle in beauty and the beast, but I have light hair and the director usually picks characters that have the same colored hair as the character. There is another girl in my grade who has never acted, who looks like Belle. Everyone thinks she is going to get the part. Just some tips on how to win the roll? (I have acted many times before and had pretty good parts!)

If you deserve the part and the director wants you as that part, he will cast you as it. However looks can be pretty important in such a well known role, you might kill a kids dreams if they see a belle with blond hair…kind of joking! but if the director wants you as that part, you may have to be willing to dye your hair if that is an option to either of you, or simply, he may ask the costumer to put you in a wig! dont let the color of your hair get you down, do YOUR best with YOUR hair color! break a leg!