Belle Doll Beauty And The Beast

belle doll beauty and the beast
Animated movies influenced by literature?

What are some animated movies (Disney, Pixar) that have been influenced by literature or subtly represent novels of literary merit? For example, The Lion King is practically Hamlet by William Shakespeare and The Beauty and the Beast is very comparable to A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen in the way that Belle is Norah, trying to break free of Torvald’s, or Gaston’s, sexist grip.
I don’t mean what books the movies are based, I mean like, elements from other books seen in these movies.

Or, you know, Beauty and the Beast could be referring to the hundreds of years old fairy tale of the same name.

Alice and Wonderland is a book, The Little Mermaid was originally a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Jungle Book is a book, The Sword and the Stone is based on Arthurian Legend, Peter Pan was originally a play, The Black Cauldron was a book, The Fox and the Hound was a book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame was based on book…

Most everything is based on a book. Or a fairy tale. Just browse wikipedia.