Belle Beauty And The Beast Costumes

belle beauty and the beast costumes
Belle’s Dress from Beauty and the Beast: What does she wear on her arms?

Okay. This may seem a strange question – but what are those things that Belle wears on her arms in Beauty in the Beast called? The gold things when she wears the big golden dress when she and the Beast dance. For lack of anything else, all I can think of is arm-warmers, but I know they are not, because that is anything but classy sounding. Haha. Anyway, I’m thinking of dressing as Belle for a costume party this weekend, and was wondering if anyone knew what they were called or where I could buy them in a pinch? I suppose I don’t need them, but without them, the costume is just a dress. Anyway, I already have the dress, so I don’t want to go and buy a whole new costume with them. I just want to know if I can buy them anywhere.

Thank you!

Picture reference:
Haha, thank you!! I feel ridiculous now for not thinking of that word in the first place. I feel silly. 🙂

ahha long gloves.