Belle And The Beast

belle and the beast
If they made a live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, who do you think should play..?

The Beast/Prince:
They haven’t made a DISNEY live-action version 😛

I don’t agree with John, actually. Yes, there are many live actions of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, but there’s only ONE version of Disney’s original Beauty And The Beast film, if you don’t count the Broadway version. lol

I think John Barrowman or Patrick Wilson would do well as The Beast/Prince Adam.

Sir Richard Attenborough would be great as Maurice.

I’m not quite sure who I’d pick as Gaston or LeFou, though. You’d need some really great character actors. For some reason I keep hearing Patrick Warburton as the Gaston voice, but don’t really any actor as beefed up as Gaston who could make the character that believable.

Steve Carell as LaFou, perhaps. lol