Beauty Beast Disney Dvd

beauty beast disney dvd
Disney Movies on DVD? Only Limited Amount?

I’ve been looking for some of the older Disney movies on DVD.

Sleeping Beauty, Snow white, Beauty and the Beast etc. Most places I find say “coming soon”.

Well I found them on Amazon, but none of them are new? And most are going for $40 or more.

Did they only come out with a limited amount?

Does anyone know where I can buy them new, or cheapter?

Oiy…maybe I should just start saving now. Have the “Disney Savings” lol

And just hold off till the next form of DVD’s comes out geez.

But thank you to all who answered, that was very helpful. I was getting so confused, because we would watch say Cinderella and it would announce Beauty and the Beast comming June 2004 or whatever, and them I’m left going where is the dang movie?

It’s one of the biggest collector markets.

“Limited” is usually a 1-2 year run. Just get 2 copies the day of release and make a backup copy. Part of it has to do with keeping demand up and when the newer version comes out, people will buy that new version.

Thing is, you never know what could delay or cancel a release. I think most of the Classic and “new wave of” Disney films have been released.

Someone sold my Disney DVDs a couple of years ago, but I was able to find most of them in used stores.

“Beauty and the Beast” is the hardest to find (because they put a 10 year moratorium on it, “Snow White” got 7 years) and most expensive out of the limited releases. I’ve seen it for $50 unopened.

“Disney Treasures” are more collectible (more so the cartoons than the live action), but they wind up putting the cartoons out on budget DVDs.

You can prob. easily find most of the ones that have been released since 2004 pretty easily. I would start with Lion King and work my way up.

The next round is going to be Disney on Blu-Ray.