Beauty And The Beasts

beauty and the beasts
ill he I’m disneyworld this Friday till next Friday and I wanna meet belle from beauty and the beasts belle?

Where is she usually I met her before in the France pavilioom in epcot but she had theblue dress ok where can I meet her wearing the yellow dress?
And we just happened to talk about that Norwayrestrsnt and we are gonna go there for one of the days

Book dinner at Akershus in Epcot and you will meet Belle in her ballgown first and have a photo taken, then after you have been seated you will meet other princesses in their gowns also. We had Aurora in her pink dress, Ariel in her green ballgown, Cinderella, and rather randomly, Alice! You can also meet her at Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast or lunch, but you need to make reservations for that 180 days in advance and even then you’re lucky if you get a table! You should call and make reservations for Akershus as soon as you can and check that Belle is still there, but she was last June and I know of several people who have been since as she was still there greeting people as you come in. Hope that helps and have a great trip!