Beauty And The Beasts A Dark Tale

beauty and the beasts a dark tale
Can anyone help me find an older version of Cinderella?

It is definitely not Disney. Original I thought this was the version everyone knew, but i watched the Disney version and found out otherwise. I remember it to be very dark in a way, the quality was dark. Honestly I was about five or six years old at the time, and that is all I can remember. The quality. If anyone could help me. thank you very much. Oh yeah, and also it came in a set of VHS. It came with films like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and other versions of fairy tale movies. The way the movie looked was the same for all these other movies. Dark and shadowy in a way.
Thank you once again if you could help me. =]
I also remember her dress. It’s not the blue one Cinderella wore in Disney’s version. And thank you very much if you’ve tried to help me. Very Much appreciated.
NVM it was a blue dress. It’s just Cinderella doesn’t look anything like the Disney one.

well actually the Disney one is the oldest animated one (Disney Cinderella came out 1950). However there are as of late different Versions the remastered version (the Platinum Version) was the most recent which is where they take the original film and brighten the quality and boost the audio (like from the 2.0 to a 5.1) . But seeing as you mention darker quality that would be Disney’s The Classics line which came out in 1988 on VHS and laserdisc or at last/ most recent the 1995 Masterpiece Edition.

Other than that the only other Cinderella animated film beside Disney’s is Jetlag Productions 1994 version and that one was released on DVD in 2002.