Beauty And The Beast Wigs

beauty and the beast wigs
What hair color would be best for Belle in Beauty and the Beast?

My drama director doesn’t like to be dependent on wigs because she thinks they look cheap and tacky. And she wants to see how committed we are to the play. I’m auditioning for Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and I think that even if I didn’t get the part, it would be nice to change my hair color from the bright red it is (although it does look good on stage. *sigh*) to a little more tame color. What shade of brown should I use to look like Belle (or a tame color)?

BQ: I can’t decide what to wear to the audition. I just want to subtly hint my character. I was thinking of a blue sweater or sweater-like dress (my auditions are in December. I want to dress for weather too.) and leggings. Or what to do with my hair and makeup. I have collar-bone length hair that’s really thick and frizzy. (my friends call it “The Beast” or “The Jungle”).

A rich chestnut brown!! 🙂