Beauty And The Beast Wedding

beauty and the beast wedding
Audition!!! Please Help!!!?

I’m going to an audition for a professional musical theater company next Friday. I have to find a 1 minute monologue and a broadway song to sing (only have to sing thirty something bars)

anyway I am a 23 year old female (but i look a little younger and I’m still in college) I need to find a monologue and don’t know of any…PLEASE suggest some! Also if you could suggest a song to sing as well that would be great. *I would prefer to find a light hearted or comedic monologue I think since its musicals and not so dramatic…but any suggestions would help!!*

The season includes the musicals Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Wedding Singer and High School Musical.

Thank you for your help!

One rule is dont sing anything from any of the shows. I would think you have something already in your arsenal of songs as you are going into a professional company. Monologues

Go to Barnes and Nobles or the Drama book store, they have many monologue books for woman.

I believe always have a few monologues prepared most of the time I do the funny one and that is good enough. However while auditioning people seem entertained and will always ask for more.

Correct find something that sings to you, I fond the bext monos are the ones where people are telling personal stories about their lives and funny things that happen. Believe me they seem to come to life