Beauty And The Beast Wedding Theme

What color should my bridesmaids’ dresses be?

I am stuck between four options:
Royal blue
Light, baby yellow (Like Belle’s dress from Beauty & the Beast)
Dark purple or violet

I am trying to avoid darker or drab colors because it is going to be a spring wedding. And I was hoping to avoid lavender because one of my older brothers had a lavender wedding. My mom thought the color scheme should be blue, violet, lavender and cream. My dress will probably be ivory. I’m not ready to give up on yellow as a theme color just yet. What do you think?

THE most beautiful wedding I have ever attended was in the Spring. All bridesmaids (four of them) wore the same sage green gown… but each of them carried a different color of bouquet… spring flowers with lavish greenery accents. The colors of flowers were… yellows, violets-lavenders, blues, and pinks. The flowergirls wore dresses with a print that had all the colors of the flowers… they carried & dropped multi-colored rose petals. The bride carried a bouquet with a combination of all of the flowers but lots of cream-white shades too. (Her dress was also ivory :)) The men wore black tux(s) with correlating boutonnieres to match. The color scheme for the decorations, etc were a combination of all of her colors… including the cake… which was decorated with the colors & flower types to match. It was gorgeous! Best wishes on your upcoming wedding… I’m sure your choices will be perfect 🙂