Beauty And The Beast Wedding Dress

beauty and the beast wedding dress
Help me find a wedding dress that looks similar to Belle’s?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my favorite princess ever.

My fiance and I are having a Halloween wedding, and I was wondering where I could find a dress that looks like hers…

However, I already looked at Disney Bridal…not exactly my cup of tea, and too overpriced.

So, if anyone else could help, that would be awesome!

Before I even clicked this I quickly went to search for the Disney ones heh. I love me some Halloween weddings!

Gold dresses:

Kinda ehh about these but they do look similar..

Here just check them out. A few of their dresses can be ordered in other colors (some in gold):
Same for them:

Check out Quinceanera alot of them come in gold and have that look.

pfft…to be clear you want a gold dress right? Or a white one that looks similar. Here I am sending links to gold ones and that may not be what you want.