Beauty And The Beast Wardrobe

beauty and the beast wardrobe
HELP!!! I’m stuck in Kingdom of Hearts Two!!!?

For two months I could not find the secret passage in the Beauty and the Beast Castle!!! After the scene I decided to save my data in the crofton and found the servenants missing!! I aked the teapot and told me to go upstairs to the clock and I did ask the wardrobe, went to the parlor tried to destroy the knights.. didn’t work.. so can anyone tell me how to find it or them? Or do I have to start all over AGAIN??? >.<

Back in the Undercroft, jump up the pile of junk to reach Cogsworth. Talk to him to move the armor out of the way. The next area requires teamwork to manage. Cogsworth will hold the lever to let four lanterns down from the ceiling. Sora will use his keyblade with Mrs. Potts water to douse the dark flame in the lantern while Lumiere relights them. Lighting all four will open the exit. Use the Triangle button to relight each lantern. If Cogsworth needs more energy, go support him with Triangle. Also, you’ll need to break the boxes in the way of Mrs. Potts and Lumiere.

After that, Sora presses a stone in the wall to open the door. After the cutscene, turn around and grab the two chests: HI-POTION and a MYTHRIL SHARD (16/21). Also, before heading through the door, grab the chest in the doorway on your right for a MEGA-POTION (17/21). Then head through the door.

By the way, from now on, statues all around the castle will come to life. For the Gargoyle Knights, Guard or parry one of their attacks to trigger the Release reaction command. This will automatically destroy it. For the slightly different Gargoyle Warriors, dodge their spinning attack to trigger the Release reaction command. Also keep in mind that both are immune to magic. Anyway, in this upper part of the West Hall, grab the chest with the AP BOOST (18/21), and then head north into the West Wing.

The chest in front of you here has a TENT (19/21). The chest at the top of the steps to the right has a MYTHRIL SHARD (20/21). Head north, fighting enemies, to Beast’s Room.

The team will finally find out what’s been making the Beast act so different. However, it’s nothing a good old-fashioned beating won’t solve.