Beauty And The Beast Walt Disney

beauty and the beast walt disney
Was she really singing at Walt Disney World?

Ok I recently went to WDW in FL and we saw the beauty and the beast live show. The Belle actor had a mic on but was she singing? It sounded just like the movie. (trust mme im the biggest beauty and the beast fan!!)

She was really singing. Disney puts their performers through a long and difficult casting process, plus vigorous training once they are hired to be vocalists. Anyone you see in stage shows in the parks like Beauty & The Beast, Festival of the Lion King, Aladdin (Disneyland), High School Musical Live, and any performers in parades are definitely singing. If Disney didn’t need them to sing, then they wouldn’t make people sing in the auditions to get these roles.

Here’s a list of Disney Park auditions. Scroll through some and you’ll see that they’re casting vocalists for several stage shows.