Beauty And The Beast Tv Series Watch Online

Beauty and the Beast TV show….? 10 points to best answer….?

I really find this series romantically amazing…….I just recently found out about it…..and it was sad to hear that they stopped airing it….is there any way online that I could watch the episodes for free….all seasons….thank very much for your help…..


Beauty and the Beast

Originally on: CBS (60 min.)
Status: Ended Premiered: September 25, 1987 Last Aired: August 4, 1990
Show Categories: Drama, Science-Fiction

i totally know how you can watch them all for free, and i checked to make sure they have it… if you sign up for netflix, they give you a 2 week free trial; you can rent as many stinkin movies as you can watch in two weeks for free, as long as you cancel on the last day. they totally give you a date that you have to cancel by, if you don’t feel too guilty in doing so. 🙂