Beauty And The Beast Tv Dvd

What TV series would you really like to see on DVD?

When stuff like “Airwolf” is being put on DVD, one begins to think of other, (much) greater shows that for some insane reason are not yet on DVD.

The one I really want to see and I can’t believe it’s not on DVD yet is “Beauty and the Beast” starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. I have many fond memories of this show and I know it’s something of a cult classic so what’s the holdup?!

It is so funny you ask this. I posted a question on answers yesterday ’cause I want Scarecrow and Mrs. King to be available on DVD. The ONLY 🙂 answerer told me about a fan site for Scarecrow and in a round about way it lead me to AOL TV. They have free full length episodes of TV classics. Beauty and the Beast was one of the shows they offered, although I didn’t check out that show I did spend the night blissfully watching reruns of my old favorite show.