Beauty And The Beast Transformation

beauty and the beast transformation
were The Little mermaid and Beauty and the beast purposely given a simular ending?

1. Theres some transformation to a new creature going on.
2. The new couple kiss immediately after the transformation
3. They start playing an upbeat version of of the movies theme song.(Part of your world, and beauty and the beast.)
4. A little slapstick humor occurs.(Sebastian and louie, and the argument with lumere and cogsworth)
5. Music slows down, and you get a sappy segment with the girls father. (Triton hugs ariel, maurice sobs a little)
6. Then a chorus sings the theme song in a fanfare mode.

Good observations. I think you’ll find that many Disney and other films (i.e. Pixar) adhere to a strict formula designed to make people feel safe and happy.

The general moviegoing population doesn’t like to be surprised.