Beauty And The Beast Toys

beauty and the beast toys
Disney Channel is evil?

They used to be quite impressive Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, the adventures of many of the whinny poo (like me XD) But now all these fake super eerie teen is so corny, even can also be relate. I'm pretty Suree Disney will take over the world. I speak horrible Disney Channel. I have 14 years, so I do not want to see it all day but I thought it bored and decided that he and all it shows how to watch Hannah Montana, Jonas, Suite Life on Deck, (I have this program again as when I was 8 years old when actually lived in a hotel) with Sonny Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place (a little like Selena to be honest), etc. They say things more and more frivolous allegedly "funny" So who are you going to shop for school supplies, books, clothing, toys, and they are all over the Internet. Disney Channel is bad?

Disney is not "the" bad, but I agree with you Toy Story is awesome lol. I like that started in third and I'm Toy Story 16th Haha.