Beauty And The Beast T Shirts

What shoes to wear with costume?

This year for Halloween I’m being Beast, form Beauty and the Beast.
I’m gonna wear navy blue yoga pants, a white peasant shirt and a purple cape.
I already have all those things 🙂
I’m not one of those people who wear open toes shoes cause toes kinda freak me out..
I also don’t wear uggs no heels either…
I’m not sure what kind of shoes I should wear!
I was thinking like a brown ballet shoe kinda thing..
LIke this:

I REALLY wanted those slippers that look like big hairy monster feet but I can’t order anything online=/
So what do you think I should get?
I wanna buy CHEAP shoes.
Like $20 and under cheap lol.
I’m a 16 year old girl, btw

ballerina shoes go with every costume unless your a boy… cheap… ebay amazon and payless or yard sale?? so just get the color that matches and your ready