Beauty And The Beast T Shirt

Teen guys, do i sound like a girl you would date?

i have reddish brown shoulder length hair with side swept bangs
Glasses but not the nerdy kind, everyone thinks their stylish
my race is white
im 5’7 or 5’8
skinny/slender but still have a little bit of a stomach
hope its not to much info but i have some booty going on and i wear a 36B bra

talk a bit too much according to my teachers
gives good advice
I like to write
I supposedly can sing
I’m a jeans and t shirt kind of girl but cute t shirt not sloppy or oversized ones
I take acting and i am in Beauty and the Beast this year

If you want to know more or get to know me use my yahoo who email to contact me. To teen guys, do i sound like a girl you would date? Only yes or no. Also put your age and(or) name
I’m not desprate or fishing for compliment. i was just asking…

you sound really cute, and like a cool girl to be around

message me, id love to talk you sometime

im 17 btw, names Michael 🙂