Beauty And The Beast Story Summary

Beauty and the beast?

hey guys, I was wondering if you any of you can help me summarize the MAIN STORY of the beauty and beast in your OWN words. Im having a little trouble getting started just a summary not a page length thing just something to help me get started I would really really really appreciate it thanks!

So there’s this guy with three daughters and he’s headed to town and he asks his daughters if they would like him to bring back anything for them. The two oldest daughters are selfish and vain and mean, and they ask him to bring back expensive jewelry and dresses. He then asks his youngest, sweetest, most helpful daughter Belle what she would like, and after much prompting she asks for just one rose. Her dad goes to town, buys the two oldest daughters their stuff, but he can’t find a rose anywhere cos it’s winter. On his way back he comes across this mansion/palace thing, and there’s a huge garden there with plenty of roses. The old man tries to take one, thinking the owner wont even notice. Then, the beast pops out, really angry, and he asks what the heck is the guy doing. The dad explains why he’s taking the rose, and (there are different versions at this point) I believe he like pulls a Rapunzel on him and spares his life if he promises to send one of his daughters to live with him? Dad goes home, two oldest daughters are like “Heck no!”, then Belle is all brave and selfless and goes. Then from there it’s pretty much lalala, get to know each other, falling for each other. Then Belle finds out about her Dad being sick, the Beast let’s her go for such-and-such days, but she’s gone a little longer, she comes back and he’s like dead so she cries and kisses him, then he turns into a prince, they say “I love you!” and they live happily ever after.