Beauty And The Beast Story Book

beauty and the beast story book
What is a good movie/book?

Well, it’s summer and I am a little bored. I really want to rent a good movie or read a good book. The kind of story I like is slightly more on the gothic side (not necessarily white makeup and black clothes) but you know, a more dark story. I am looking for a romance with some sort of hardship/sadness in it. Typical dark, bad boy.. blah blah. Umm I do like fantasy, but it doesn’t have to have it in there. Just a “dark romance”. Um some movies/books that I have liked in the past have been:

The Phantom of the Opera (LOVE)
Twilight (Of course)
The Crow
Moulin Rouge
The Notebook
True Blood
Queen of the Damned
Beauty and the Beast
Count of Monte Cristo
A Dark Knight

I would prefer a book just because I want to get back into reading, but I do love my movies :)…but i feel like I have seen them all. lol.

Anyways, thanks! 🙂

Since you liked Casablanca I think you would like these. You said you had seen them all, so I had to go back in time to find some goodies you proabably hadn’t.
An Affair to Remember
Time After Time
Somewhere in Time
Raintree County
The original From Here to Eternity
Frankenstein, the True Story
The Thorn Birds
The Ghost and Mrs Muir
Rear Window
Follow the river
The Last of the Dogmen
Lost Horizon
Second Hand Lions
Mutiny on the Bounty and all the remakes
THe Hunchback of Notre Dame
The book Green Mansions