Beauty And The Beast Soundtrack Lyrics

What Kind of music do you listen to?

… I think I have a weird taste in music… I LOVE the oldies.,, like the beatles and Lionel richie, MJ and patsy cline… I love heart :P… and more

I love Really sad, slow songs… like Back to december by Taylor Swift

I pretty much love all Love songs… 😛 like they just capture me in the lyrics 😛

My favourite type of music is Soundtrack music… Glee, Beauty and the Beast and Wicked are my favourites
I obviously LOVE Glee!!

I must say Lyrics to me are equally as important to me as vocal talent 😛

Anyways… describe your music taste to me 🙂

Excuse my english… Im not feeling the greatest today and Im on benadryl ;P… so Im not sure if my grammar sucks 😛

Literally every genre of music ever created. By the way, I’m a Gleek too.