Beauty And The Beast Something There

Novel ideas? Having trouble deciding where to go with this?

I am actually currently in the process of starting a science fiction novel and is more developed than the topic I am referring to in this post, but something really grabbed me and wanted me to focus on these characters. I was thinking coming up with some sort of beauty and the beast story, not exactly and beauty and a literal beast but something along those lines. I do great with writing about human emotions, relationships and conflict, but I want to add a fantasy type feel too it, only, I do not know where to go with it. Magic, mythical creatures, or maybe there should be just a subtle fantasy feel to rather than a full on fantasy novel. Time period? There are so many possibilities, I just can’t put my finger on it! ANY HELP PLEASE?? ADVICE NEEDED! thanx

Why not have the dude into Witchcraft? It would add a fantasy feel and it wouldn’t have to necessarily be categorized as fantasy.
You could have him speak the spells in Finnish or any other VERY melodic language (Excluding French, it dont sound very magical). Time peroid… What about 1990? Best years on the damn planet, too bad I was born in 94… Make the girl’s father chase the guy off with a baseball bat, have the girl climb down her room’s window, fall and break something. In the end, if you like sad endings, have the father shoot the guy.
There’s only one prob tho… I liked the idea, gonna have t ofight of the need to write about it 😀