Beauty And The Beast Silly Girls

How do I out-silly the other Silly Girls in Beauty & The Beast: The Musical?

My high school is currently in rehearsals for “Beauty and the Beast”, and I’m a silly girl. However, my director thought it would be a GREAT idea (cough cough) to have 6 Silly Girls instead of 3. So I’m kind of stuck in this group of girls. I’m one of 2 blondes, I’m the only one with dance experience (we have a huge dance break in Gaston) and, hey, what’s a girl to do?
Haha, thanks guys. Actually, in “Gaston”, I’m supposed to jump into his arms or something at one point- we haven’t gotten that far in the choreography. And Gaston is my dance partner. I’m not planning on changing stuff, but I do hope to get Silly Girl #3’s lines. I like them best :]

Ok well don’t change lines or choreography. Bad idea. That will only make people mad and possibly ruin your credibility with the director. Instead, just try to be better than them. Put a ton of energy into your performance and be 100% dedicated to your character so that you look amazing next to them.