Beauty And The Beast Shirt

beauty and the beast shirt
Tips for Halloween Costume; Demonic Beast”?

Hiya! Hiya!

So I and a couple of my friends are working at the hunted mansion. I got pick for the beast in the woods. I am the Beast, duh. They say my character is base of the movie; “Beauty and the Beast” But more along the lines of; “Kill every one and not the girl the type..”
I have very little time to make the costume, like about two weeks. I was wondering if any buddy could help me think of ideal on how to make it. The only think I got is for; The bigger shoulders is to wear my brother’s foot ball shoulder pads. Every little thing you can think of would helps tons!! For feet, Make-up.. Sounds.. Shirts… Fer…gloves… nails… and Whatever really!!!

THANKS FOR YOU TIME!!! (if any buddy reads this!!)

Well I say get some ratty jeans from the thrift store and old flannel and cut them up. Get some furry material from a material shop and cover yourself under the clothes with it. Make it just so the furry parts stick out. You might want to buy a scary mask though, unless you can think of a way to attach the fur to your face.

Have fun scaring people!