Beauty And The Beast Series Dvd

Has anyone else ever heard of the TV series Beauty and the Beast?

Not the Disney version nor the french titled movie. The TV series that ran from 1987-1990. It was cut before I was born. I was 13 when the TV series came to DVD in 2007 and I was curious about it so I bought it, and fell in love with it. Most girls my age would probably not fall for that kind of stuff but I just love the deep meaning the show has to it with the poetry, understanding, family, friends, love, and just Vincent and how special he is :3 and Catherine how she turns her life around after meeting Vincent.

I was alive when it was airing but I was three or four when it ended, my mother loved it, and now that I know it’s on DVD (thanks to you) I might have to go check it out. All I have are vague impressions about it, I think he lived in a sewer? It’s fuzzy but like I said, I was a kid.