Beauty And The Beast Season 2

Whats a good movie to watch?

I’m tired from cleaning and doing homework and working out and now I
just want to relax lol I’m a little bored and I want to know what’s a good animated movie I can watch. I feel like watching something funny and even though I’m 18, I enjoy watching disney movies when I’m bored lol I like Disney/pixar, anime, anything really. Or maybe just a random funny movie 🙂

I like:
Spirited Away
Kiki’s Delivery Service
My neighbor totoro
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Some Cat movie from Hayao Miyazaki(Forgot the name)
The Little Mermaid(all)
Beauty and the beast
Tinker bell(all)
Peter pan(all)
The Lion King (all)
The Boondocks(bought the whole 2 seasons)
Cowboy Bebop
The Legend of the dog warriors
Lords of Dogtown(Random lol)
Dragon Ball Evolution(Fail)
Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist
50 first dates

Give me some lists 🙂

Im not sure if Avatar is for the James cameron movie, or the tv show, but If you like Hayao M. and disney movies, then I would highly suggest Avatar the Last Airbender (tv show) It was animated in japan but written and directed by Americans, so it really has a unique blend of style. There is alot of westen philosophy, budist philosophy, and other unique aspects to the show, most of the episodes all follow the over all storyline. There is alot of fun action, but also it has about a 50/50 male female cast, so they deal alot with relationships and such things too.

Also some other movies you might like: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ghosttown (with ricky gervais), or if you liked Juno you might like Up in the Air, which is by the same director, or 500 Days of Summer, Lars and the Real Girl, or Away We go. which are other indie favorites. Also Jennifers Body was written by the write of Juno, though their not similar, who is close friends with the writer of Nick and Noras infinate playlist, Also any other Hayao movie is pretty much a good view.