Beauty And The Beast Remake

have you read it?

back in 1996 peter jackson made his first attempt at remaking the legendary beauty & the beast classic with universal pictures,his original script was akin to indiana jones with its one-liners and campy tone but several of the main characters we’re quite different from what ended up on screen. carl denham in this draft is the villian of the story,an egostical miney-minded,cruel showman with no regard for the tribe on skull island he exploits,ann darrow is a british archeologist excavating in the ruins of sumatra for a lost “beast god cult”.one element i wished jackson had incorporated in-to the final 2005 picture was left on page:ann darrow singing a lullaby to kong atop the empire state building at the goes like this:lullaby and goodnight,go to bed and sleep tight,close your eyes,start to yawn,pleasant dreams untill dawn. it would have been very touching

I just knew it through you…and yes you’re right it would be a very touching and beautiful story. May I know what happened to Jackson’s attempt?