Beauty And The Beast Release Date

beauty and the beast release date
Does anyone know a website with the disney vault release date list? OR release dates for the films below?

i found a list before but i really cant remember what the website was called, i’ve typed everything i can think of into google and still cant find it, i’ve looked through all of my computers history and still cant find it if anyone knows a website with the list on it please could you let me know?


if anyone knows the release dates for the following films this would be just as helpful as the vault list website…

The black cauldron
Alice in wonderland
The lion king
Beauty and the beast

The Disney DVD Website –
A-Z Movie List with dates –

Alice in Wonderland (animated) – 3/30/10

Beauty and the Beast – not currently available/vaulted

The Black Cauldron – not currently available/vaulted

The Lion King – not currently available/vaulted