Beauty And The Beast Re Release

beauty and the beast re release
Disney animated films…?

Hi everyone! I am slowly building my collection of Disney DVD’s. I know that they only release them at certain times. How much time do they let pass before they will re-release certain titles? For example…The site says that Beauty and the Beast was released in 2002. How much longer until it is re-released? I really hate this whole waiting thing. You can find some online, but people hardcore overprice them. Any help would be great!

“Vaulting refers to the practice of ending production of a DVD or Video and putting a moritoriam on any re-releases for a minimum of 7-10 years. This creates a scarcity which has been taken advantage of by observant eBay users and Amazon resellers.”

“Once every 10 years Disney opens the vault to re-release their movies.”

So yeah…. 10 years. It’s sooo annoying that they do that!