Beauty And The Beast Quotes

beauty and the beast quotes
What is your favourite quote?

Silly or serious. My favourite two are from Cartoons.

My first favourite one is from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:
“I want so much more than they’ve got planned”

And my second is from the Last Unicorn:
“I cannot regret, I can feel sorrow but it’s not the same.”

So tell me, what words do you swear by?

Wow, so many opptions.
Random one:
Quote of the Week:
“Yes sir i know, but why, why would he do that? Because he’s a lumox isn’t he? Well we shall have a magnificant garden party and you’re not invited. Heh!

Actual quote:
Some people never go crazy, what truelly horrible lifes they must lead, but there are so many other good ones (go gandi)