Beauty And The Beast Prince

beauty and the beast prince
Who is the best and worst Disney villain?

This is for fun, so please no rude answers.

In my option, Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid & Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty are the best villains; Gaston from Beauty & the Beast & Prince John from Robin Hood (when he’s a fox) are the worst villians

I’m obsessed with Disney :].

I think Scar is horrible for killing his brother
Captain Hook & Jafar are creepy

Ursula is so sneaky !

Hades is funny :] but obviously evil lol.

Gaston is soo annoying !

Cruella is disgusting for wanting to kill puppies.

Malifecent is pretty creepy !

Queen from Snow White is good just cuz she’s the first :]

Tons more .. they are all evil though :]