Beauty And The Beast Poster

beauty and the beast poster
On the Disney movies what other subliminal messages are their?

1. the cover of Little Mermaid the penis on the castle

2. like 20 scenes of the word sex in Lion King

3. 1 scene of the word lie in the Lion King

4. on the runway of the Rescuers Down Under you can see a poster of a naked women

5. in Aladdin where the tiger cornered Aladdin he said ” good teenagers take your clothes off”

6. in the Little Mermaid the scene were King Triton enters u can see Donald and Goofy in the audience

7. Rescuers Down Under when u see the naked girl poster on the runway when the mice were holding on the bended metal of the tuna can it looks like a penis

8. in Beauty and the Beast were Belle’s father said he gives up the the machine in the next sentence he said the word bone r

9. in the Little Mermaid the priest gets a chubby

is their anything else that i forgot

Most of these are urban legends.

Number 4 is true.

Some I have never heard of.