Beauty And The Beast Poem

hey im a 14 year old can someone give advice on this poem i wrote?

Yes my love

Let us run through the passion filled forest
Let passion run free
Let love be shown in the luscious forest let the warm water touch your body and rub against your smooth skin
“Yes my love” she said
Let it wash away your worries and hate let it be the right of remembrance
Let life be worth every minute
Let love be love and passion be passion
“Yes my love” she said
However, love will be you and I
Passion shall be the night in which bodies touch in the night sky
The moon shall shine on us and our skin smooth and shine our bodies shall be perfect in the night
“Yes my love” I said
As we kiss, I gaze into her eyes and I see what I truly want to see
Your lips angelic
Your smile tames the savage beast
Your eyes like jewels of the up most rarity
Your beauty never written about
You are perfect
As my hand touches your cheek I see what makes every man crumble to his feet

You’re definitely 14 alright.