Beauty And The Beast Plays

beauty and the beast plays
I have auditions For The Play Beauty and The Beast Next Week, What song should I sing?

I have auditions next week for the school play Beauty And The Beast, What song should I sing for auditions?
By The Way Im 14 and Im in Middle School.

Well, what part do you want? I always try to fit my audition song with the character I’m going for – just an added little something to help the director picture me in that role. ( I Auditioned for -and got-the part of Babette in a local production)

Anyway, No matter what song you choose – don’t sing songs from popular songs like wicked. I swear, so many girls sang songs from that show at my audition and none of them could pull them off at all. they’re hard songs to sing. besides, the directors are sick of the popular shows. sing nothing, i mean NOTHING, from Annie. Try not to sing a song from Beauty and the Beast, since a ton of girls will do that too. about 10 girls sang “Home” and not only sang the same song – but the same verse!

Most importantly, be relaxed and show some personality. this show has wonderful character parts in it – babette for instance. I get to tango with the hottest guy in the school! *smile*