Beauty And The Beast Play Script

Who should I try out for? Should I try both?

On Wednesday, the drama club at school is holding auditions for Beauty and the Beast. At the meeting on Thursday, I picked up the scripts for both Belle and Madame de la Grande Bouche (aka the Wardrobe).

I would LOVE to be Belle, to beat out the girl who seems to get EVERY main roll in all the plays (Dorothy in WoOz, Doris in Fame, Tinkerbell in Peter Pan).
I was told I would be a better Belle than her because I can actually sing and act with emotion, instead of just volume.

We were in choir together in middle school, and I beat her out for a solo for one of the songs.

The other problem is, I love singing in groups, and the Wardrobe does mostly this (she has one solo line in a song).

Who should try out for? Or should just try out for both like I originally was going to do?
I don’t mean to sound like a show off with the details I added, sorry if I came off as one =)

I would try out for both so if you don’t get the part for one you might get the part for the other. Don’t do it just to beat someone else do it for you. Good luck!