Beauty And The Beast Plates

beauty and the beast plates
B&A: I could be losing my touch?

I just got back a short story I wrote for creative writing, and my teacher put a comment on the top of the page saying that I’ve lost my touch. I’ve just been really busy, and my writing has kind of suffered because of it. I’m watching my brother and sister (brother’s 9. sister’s 13), working, helping the drama department with costumes for this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast, and I’m auditioning for Belle. I just have a lot on my plate. I don’t want my writing to suffer any more than it has. Is there any way for me to get back into the groove of writing. It’s just that anything that I write just isn’t as good as it was before.
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There comes a time when you have to prioritize. And for you, that time is now. With the kind of load you are carrying, why are you auditioning for Belle? Why not just help with the costumes for this year? You can’t fluff off your brother and sister, but between your other activities, you will have to make a choice. You can either keep going, with your attention divided and each thing you do gets diminished, or you can focus your attention on what is most meaningful to you.